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Version: 2.4.3 TBC | Rates: 15x Exp 20x Quest 18x Drop 15x Reputation 20x Gold 2x Honor 2x Arena Points

ProtoType's Blog


Welcome to my blog about the Last WoW private server.

Hello guys! On this blog I am going to show you some tips and tricks on Last WoW like how to start gearing up, leveling up, spells, talents, professions, how to join a good guild, etc.

I am going to post a lot of videos and pictures about this server. Hope you will like it :)

The best rogue on the server.

Hello guys!On this server, there's no class leader for the rogue class. So i decided to find the best rogues on the server, i am going to post screenshots of the 10 best rogues on LastWoW.I will edit this post when i find another. Thanks for visiting